Born in Spain, Beatriz holds a master’s degree in business administration. She speaks Spanish, French and English. She has been living in Montreal since 2004.

Additionally to her experience in administration and business development, Beatriz can count on her professional experience as a representative, as an event coordinator, and as a fashion consultant. These past work experiences allowed her to reaffirm and enjoy herself while putting to practice what has always fascinated her in regards to the fashion industry.

In 2012, thanks to her business experience and motivated by her real passion, she officially decided to take the plunge and undertake a professional reorientation. To perfect her knowledge, she went on to study at Les Effrontés, a unique fashion stylist school located in Quebec.

Fond of good taste and influenced by European style, Beatriz finds inspiration in her daily life between Spain and Montreal.

Behind the scenes of BEANDYOU

Why fashion consulting?  

When we get dressed, we don’t always take into account our body type, our age, our work position, or the etiquette of the event we are attending. Sometimes because we lack time, sometimes because we lack inspiration or self-confidence; people have the tendency not to put in the effort to look the best they can.

To create my own personalised fashion consulting enterprise is a dream come true. It allows me to help my clients to rediscover their silhouette and their features, to simplify choosing what to wear for everyday life or on the red carpet.

It is great to see the difference it makes for my clients, as well as the new found self-confidence resulting from dressing to the nines!

Beatriz & Fashion Consulting

It is the art of communicating the image we want to convey through harmonised clothing and accessories.

What makes you stand out as a fashion consultant?

Working with my clients in a relaxed, respectful, and professional ambiance, I encourage self-expression and I am always listening to my clients’ needs and taste. 

My objective is to help my clients express who they truly are through garments that resemble them. It is important for me to find their unique signature to highlight their own personality.

Who do you cater to?

My services are available to anyone, and for any budget range. The benefits of my services are interesting in the fact that clients learn to avoid expensive faux pas.

Who does not have in their closet clothes that they have never worn?

Who does not have a dresser full of “nothing to wear”?

Who has never been uncomfortable wearing an outfit at a special event?

My clients learn to rediscover and appreciate their silhouette and their wardrobe, and rediscover their beauty every day.


Beatriz helped me demystify my silhouette, I received compliments right away! Now, I am much more confident choosing my clothes. I finally found my own style, and I wear it well!…

Annie Gagnon, Administrative assistant

From our first meeting, Beatriz perfectly understood my taste and my style. Her choice of clothing totally seduced me, the result was outstanding! I am now totally addicted to her precious advice.

Elaine Barsalou, Investments banker

Thanks to her great advice and tips, I finally succeeded in getting rid of the clothing I was no longer wearing but that was still in my closet. We then went for a shopping spree, WOW! Beatriz respected my taste in clothing and my style; I can now choose my clothes with more confidence and ease!

Manon Paquette, Coordinator